Summer Fashion 2020

Sweet Lemon

Posted on June 22 2020

When thinking about trends for summer, you can usually tell what will be popular by what is worn on the high fashion runways and also by real people on the street. Those outfits on the runway usually will have to be toned down by 20 (at least) but you will get a great feel for what is popular.

WIth those two indicators in mind, here is what we know you will see Summer 2020 

Loungewear. This did not come from the runways. With Covid-19 unexpected keeping more people home, comfortable is the biggest trend this year. You will see sweatshorts as a favorite, sleepwear and loungewear. A lot of easily removable sweatshirts for cooler air inside that can be taken off when going outside.

Linen. Linen pants and shorts are a fabric style that so many women are wearing and it is most usually very comfortable as well. 

Tie Dye. Yep, the blast from the past! From bright vibrant colors to pastels it is a sure favorite. 

Cross body purses. Easily carry your essentials on your body without lugging a handbag on your shoulder or in your hand. It has also been popular so you won't have to use your hands while trying to keep germ free. 

Bralettes. Bralettes under blazers were one of the biggest trends to hit the spring/summer 2020 runways, and street style stars eagerly adopted this casual-sexy look. Whether you decide to wear one over a t-shirt or under a cardigan, so rest assured you'll find one you love. This look is definitely casual. 

We hope these trends will help you pick some of your favorites this summer to keep comfortable and stylish. 

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