About Us

Our store was built on a foundation of knowing everyone deserves quality items that are affordable. Sweet Lemon offers "Sweet" products at "Sweet" prices.

We have fashion sense and sense enough to know that everyone deserves great products and service along with a price that is fair.

We also:

Offer fresh and trendy apparel and accessories

Sell a variety of sizes. From 0-18.

Are located in the West. Utah to be exact. 


The Story about our name Sweet Lemon:

Our owner was diagnosed with cancer in 2003 and underwent treatment that saved her life. Since then her family has had their share of obstacles. But with each "Lemon" that she has been given, she has learned a "Sweet" lesson or gained a better outlook because of those trials. When she decided to open her own online business, Sweet Lemon Boutique just seemed to fit.