Tying the Knot!

Jaimee Jacobson

Posted on June 23 2015

Every love story is unique and beautiful. I bet you've heard plenty of great ways your friends or relatives have met and how their stories began. Mine is no more special but it is unique and I love to tell it.

I like many of you was married in the summertime. July. The hottest month of the year in many cases. I met my husband to be the year before and after a few phone conversations, I agreed to a date. I was cautious because I was a single Mom. My little girls were only 3 & 5.  I had divorced the year prior and it was heartbreaking to say the least. He was a gentleman and kind and I could tell right away, a good man. I was falling for him but still very cautious.

It was 4 months later than I began to get sick. I couldn't get over the flu, or so I thought so I went to a doctor who said it must be an underlying infection and sent me on my way. Over the next couple of months I suffered high fevers, night sweats, coughing, itchy skin and extreme fatigue. Still the doctors said it was something like an infection and gave me antibiotics. After those months I had two huge lumps show up in my neck and the doctor did more tests and told me still to come back in 30 days if they didn't go away.

My sweet boyfriend and I had went up to visit his parents one weekend during that time and I had one of my coughing spells. His Father asked me what my other symptoms were but stayed quiet. Later he pulled my boyfriend aside and told him that some of my symptoms were the same as his some 18 years before when he had cancer. He right away called his oncologist and that doctor agreed to see me on his good friend and patients referral. They did some tests and right away diagnosed me with cancer. Hodgkins Lymphoma ( I was late stage III). It was the EXACT same type my boyfriends father had years ago. I started chemo right away. It wasn't long before I lost all my hair and was very sick. 

After my first chemo treatment, this sweet man asked me to marry him. Yes, I had 2 little girls, cancer and our future was unknown. He stepped up because he loved me. He married me bald and all..well, I wore a wig that day. I was sick before the wedding and most days after but that day was perfect! July 12 2003. What an amazing man I married and I love to tell our love story. 

After 9 months of chemo treatments and radiation, I was deemed in remission and so far so good! I owe my life and happiness to my husband. And without his father and our doctor I wouldn't be here today. 

Jaimee is the owner of Sweet Lemon Boutique. She along with her husband, have 5 daughters and continue to live a crazy, hectic, active and happy life. 

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